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We are delighted to celebrate the third edition of one of the most important artistic events in Guadassuar: The International Horn Congress, seeing that art – which is always welcome in our town- comes to break the monotony and to enrich everyday life with its valuable proposals.
When we live in routine, we end up ignoring what surrounds us because the repeated stimuli lead us down to an already trodden path from which we only expect «the same old thing». Thus, we go with our gaze fixed on a horizon that is also familiar, and which no longer tells us anything new.
If we are lucky enough to encounter an artistic manifestation in our path, everything changes, because art will invite us to play. Art challenges us, makes us look upwards and sideways and helps us to move forward by questioning our points of view. With it, we have the opportunity to discover the margins and to embrace new horizons towards which to walk.
By moving along unfamiliar paths, we are nourished by different perspectives and the experiences we are enriched by provide us with aesthetic experiences that contribute to our personal growth and to the pleasure that comes with it.
It is precisely now when one of these extraordinary occasions has come our way: the highly specialised encounter of one of the most ephemeral representations of art. In order to experience it intensely, we only need to keep our senses alive and attentive to catch everything this event has to offer. We need to enjoy what it offers us, knowing that everything will be unique and unrepeatable as it will only exist at a specific time and place, a very close place indeed, since at the International Congress of Horns, Guadassuar must thank the fortune of having a reserved seat in the front row.

Teresa Gomis

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